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In response to the growing interest and demand for beers from our visitors, FHA will introduce a beer section to the exhibition for the first time, with an area dedicated to showcasing beer-related content that highlights the trends, movements and the best-of beers that visitors will be interested in.

As part of the programme, the inaugural FHA Beer Awards Competition will debut on 26 April 2023. We aim to recognise the efforts of brewers around the world, spotlight the “best of” and that the results will be a useful reference for our visitors.

To ensure the results will be useful to the trade professionals, a survey was conducted with F&B professionals on what they are currently selling, what's selling and what they are interested in.

The 10 categories are:

  1. IPA (American/West Coast)

  2. American Pale Ale

  3. Pale Lager

  4. Stout

  5. Hazy IPA

  6. Wheat Beers (Weissbier, Witbier etc)

  7. Sour Beers

  8. Non-Alcoholic Beers

  9. Double/Triple IPA

  10. Experimental Beers

Download the Rules & Regulations document below:

fha beer book (1)
Download PDF • 4.86MB

For enquiries, contact YS at or Ray at

Judging Panel

Crystalla Huang

BrewMaster, RedDot BrewHouse

From a young age, Crystalla has been interested in the food and beverage industry. A graduate of two world-renowned universities, the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and the Versuchsund Lehranstalt für Brauerei (VLB), Crystalla is currently the youngest certified female brewmaster in Asia. She is also a founding member of the Singapore Brewers Association, and has been featured in multiple articles and news channels, including Prestige’s 40 Under 40.

Besides brewing, Crystalla also conducts a myriad of beer-related events at RedDot Brewhouse, including beer workshops, educational talks, and beer pairing dinners, and is a veteran judge of several beer competitions.

Dannon Har

Managing Editor and Founder, Spill

Owner, Section D

A veteran of Singapore’s publishing industry, and an ardent supporter of the craft alcohol scene, Dannon founded Spill in 2020. Spill aims to support, grow and add value to the booming craft alcohol scene by providing a platform to showcase the often-untold stories behind Asia's beer, wine, and spirits producers.

He also runs his own private home bar, Section D. Through this unique private drinking experience, he champions the craft alcohol cause through a myriad of educational workshops, guided tastings, and industry tours.

Raymond Lee

Owner, iBrew

A champion of Singapore’s home brewing scene, Raymond founded iBrew in 2004, Singapore’s first homebrew supply store. Aiming to create a reliable source of high-quality ingredients and equipment, he has also nurtured a closely-knit community of home brewers in Singapore.

Besides supplying home brewers, Raymond is also a Certified Beer Judge, and hosts (and judges at) the annual iBrew Challenge, Singapore’s premiere home brewing competition. A truly cutting-edge competition, the iBrew Challenge pushes the limits of extreme home brewing, highlighting innovative recipes and techniques.

Eng Kuang Yeo (E.K.)

Co-Founder and Brewmaster, 1925 Brewing Co.

Co-Founder of family-owned 1925 Brewing Co, EK (Eng Kuang) believes strongly in preserving his Singaporean Teochew heritage and culture, through the unique lens of brewing. Naming the brewery after a tribute to his grandfather, EK aims to carry his grandfather’s ideals, experience, and passion for quality produce to beer drinkers around the world.

Through 1925, EK aims to champion Asian-style craft beers, carefully crafting each beer to include Asian and Teochew influences that reflect his own unique heritage. To this end, EK is also a veteran of a multitude of brewery collaborations, including local brands like Song Fa, where he seamlessly marries local flavours with modern and traditional brewing techniques.


President, Korea Craft Beer Association.

CEO, Beervana Brewing Company

Publisher, The Beerpost

At the helm of the Korea Craft Beer Association, Inki Lee has helped to nurture Korea’s vibrant craft brewing scene. A man with an obsession with anything beer related, he brings a wealth of knowledge on trends and movements in both the Korean, and the South Asian craft beer scene. He also manages his own brewery, Beervana Brewing Company, and beer magazine, The Beerpost, giving him a unique perspective and insight into Korean, Asian, and International beer affairs.

Richard Chai

Category manager for Beer, Wine, Spirit, and Cigarettes, NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd

A veteran of the wines and spirits industry, Richard Chai first started his career as a Wine Specialist for Same Darby in 2000. Today, Richard lends his passion and commitment for the world of wines and spirits to NTUC Fairprice, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain. At NTUC, he is responsible for sourcing wines, beers, and spirits for all 160 Fairprice stores, and also planning programs and activities for over 20,000 Just Wine Club members.

Colin Tay

Founder, TSA Wines

Mr Colin Tay is a veteran and a pioneer in the craft beer industry, with 15 years of experience under his belt. He founded the TSA group and was amongst the first distributors to introduce craft beers to Singapore. A well-respected master in his trade, he believes in the importance of well brewed beers and strives to continually bring in top quality beers and spreading the good word of enjoying the good brew!

Fiona Stephens

With over 15+ years of experience in the drinks industry, Fiona has worked in a myriad of different roles and countries. Combining her experiences in the Retail, Private Client, Brand Owner, Wholesale, and Buying sectors in 3 different countries, she brings a well-rounded perspective on the motivations and needs of the supplier, seller and consumer. She was the former Beer, Wine, Spirits Buyer at Cold Storage. Over the past 5+ years, Fiona is also an ardent advocate of craft lagers through her involvement in the Craft Lager movement in Asia.

Mitch Gribov

Head Brewer, Brewerkz

A graduate of the world renowned Versuchsund Lehranstalt für Brauerei (VLB), Mitch Gribov has over 6 years of experience as a professional brewer in Russia, Germany, China, and Finland. In particular, he previously led the brewing team at the internationally acclaimed Master Gao Brewing Co., one of China’s seminal craft breweries.

Today, he helms the brewing team at Brewerkz, where brings his experience, passion, and excellence into each and every beer. During his time as Head Brewer, Brewerkz has been awarded a host of local, international, and regional awards, including the title of Champion Mid-sized Brewery of Asia at the prestigious Asia Beer Championship 2022.

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FoodCult is proud to be appointed to curate and run the Food&HotelAsia Beer Awards 2023.

This is a new concept that will be introduced at Asia's leading foodservice & hospitality event in Asia, Food & Hotel Asia, which will take place from 25 - 28 April 2023.

With 85,000 square metres of exhibition space, FHA on average welcomes 48,000 attendees from 100 countries, mostly from the Asian region. Known as the “gateway to Asia”, FHA has 40 years of delivering successful businesses with strong support from the food & hospitality industry. The show welcomes visitors strictly from the industry - from importers, wholesalers, distributors, F&B operators, hotel managers to airline caterers and more.

In response to the growing interest and demand for beers from our visitors, FHA will introduce a beer section to the exhibition for the first time, with an area dedicated to showcasing beer-related content that highlights the trends, movements and the best-of beers that visitors will be interested in.

As part of the programme, the inaugural FHA Beer Awards Competition will debut on 26 April 2023. The aim is recognise the efforts of brewers around the world, spotlight the “best of” and that the results will be a useful reference for FHA's visitors.

"We are excited about this opportunity and to be part of this platform that will be a gateway for the international world of beers to Asia. At the same time, we hope this will also be a space where we get to showcase the exciting movements by Singaporean and Asian breweries to a greater audience," says Jenny Tan, director of FoodCult.

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3 March 2022 – Compendium Spirits, a Singaporean distillery known for pushing the envelope, has launched another revolutionary programme – Chartered by Compendium Spirits.

The first bespoke barrel ageing programme in the world that allows customers to create their own spirit from scratch with customised input, Chartered by Compendium Spirits offers a wide range of customisation options available to each customer. Each barrel, handcrafted for Compendium Spirits, are one of a kind and fashioned by hand from top quality American oak.

Simon Zhao, founder Compendium Spirits shares, “We started with producing exceptional, flavourful meads in 2015 as it was uncommon beverage choice in Southeast Asia and we wanted to offer locals something distinctive and unique to enjoy. Over the years, we have been honing our techniques, experimenting with familiar and exotic spirits and perfecting our craft, such as Rojak Gin & Chendol Gin

Kopi-O Liqueur, Straits Vodka to Gula Melaka Arrack.”

In December 2021, Compendium Spirits also launched Singapore’s first single grain whiskey, made from the Thai Hom Mali rice. This deep, moreish and bold rice whiskey was quickly sold out.

Simon continues, “This is why with Chartered, we have used our knowledge to curate an experience that brings our customers onto a learning journey.”

While the usual practice is to purchase neutral grain spirits, what sets Compendium Spirits apart is their commitment in producing the base spirits from scratch. The raw ingredients are sourced from Southeast Asia, such as gula melaka (Indonesia), molasses (Malaysia), honey and rice (Thailand) – the building blocks of base spirits at Compendium Spirits.

Other than deciding on the base spirits that goes into the barrel, patrons will also have the opportunity to work with various possibilities by exploring different sequences. For example, if you fill your first barrel with rum, then you will have a rum-aged cask for your next Chartered by Compendium Spirits experience.

Aging your own spirit according to your taste is similar to tailoring a bespoke suit or dress. Start with picking your preferred base spirit - rum made from molasses in Malaysia, arrack from gula melaka in Indonesia, honey spirit from honey from Thailand and whiskey from rice from Thailand? Next, decide on the size of the project, whether it’s a 4 litres (3 months aging), 8 litres (6 months) or 16 litres (9 months), 32 litres (12 months) barrel. During the aging process, the fun part will undoubtedly be the tasting sessions with the craftmaster. Tasting is believing, so decide if the spirit is ready or needs a bit more time. The proudest moment will perhaps be the bottling and labelling stage, where the name and the design of the label can be customised, before all the bottles are delivered to the final location. An empty cask does not spell the end of your distiller dreams – refill the barrel and explore other permutations of aging.

Says Simon Zhao, “Chartered by Compendium Spirits is not a one-time effort, but a journey of understanding the beauty of crafting spirits with our customers.”

Prices for Chartered by Compendium Spirits are $1,188 - $2,088 (4 litres cask, 13 bottles), $2,088 - $2,688 (8 litres cask, 26 bottles), $3,788 - $4,988 (16 litres cask, 52 bottles) and $6,788 - $8,888 (32 litre cask, 103 bottles).

The first ten customers of the Chartered by Compendium Spirits programme will also enjoy a complimentary cocktail experience for two pax at private home bar, Section D, where mixologist Dannon Har will create a bespoke cocktail using the final customised spirit.

Distillery tours are also available by appointment only, priced at an introductory rate of $68 nett per pax (minimum 2 pax, introductory rate ends in 30 April 2022) and this amount will be rebated should visitors sign up for the Chartered by Compendium Spirits programme at the end of the tour. The tour includes a tour of the distillery and a sampling of 4 Compendium Spirits products.

Contact: Compendium Spirits,, 8451 5389 (whatsapp), 5 Mandai Link, #03-04, Mandai Foodlink, S728654.

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