3 March 2022 – Compendium Spirits, a Singaporean distillery known for pushing the envelope, has launched another revolutionary programme – Chartered by Compendium Spirits.

The first bespoke barrel ageing programme in the world that allows customers to create their own spirit from scratch with customised input, Chartered by Compendium Spirits offers a wide range of customisation options available to each customer. Each barrel, handcrafted for Compendium Spirits, are one of a kind and fashioned by hand from top quality American oak.

Simon Zhao, founder Compendium Spirits shares, “We started with producing exceptional, flavourful meads in 2015 as it was uncommon beverage choice in Southeast Asia and we wanted to offer locals something distinctive and unique to enjoy. Over the years, we have been honing our techniques, experimenting with familiar and exotic spirits and perfecting our craft, such as Rojak Gin & Chendol Gin

Kopi-O Liqueur, Straits Vodka to Gula Melaka Arrack.”

In December 2021, Compendium Spirits also launched Singapore’s first single grain whiskey, made from the Thai Hom Mali rice. This deep, moreish and bold rice whiskey was quickly sold out.

Simon continues, “This is why with Chartered, we have used our knowledge to curate an experience that brings our customers onto a learning journey.”

While the usual practice is to purchase neutral grain spirits, what sets Compendium Spirits apart is their commitment in producing the base spirits from scratch. The raw ingredients are sourced from Southeast Asia, such as gula melaka (Indonesia), molasses (Malaysia), honey and rice (Thailand) – the building blocks of base spirits at Compendium Spirits.

Other than deciding on the base spirits that goes into the barrel, patrons will also have the opportunity to work with various possibilities by exploring different sequences. For example, if you fill your first barrel with rum, then you will have a rum-aged cask for your next Chartered by Compendium Spirits experience.

Aging your own spirit according to your taste is similar to tailoring a bespoke suit or dress. Start with picking your preferred base spirit - rum made from molasses in Malaysia, arrack from gula melaka in Indonesia, honey spirit from honey from Thailand and whiskey from rice from Thailand? Next, decide on the size of the project, whether it’s a 4 litres (3 months aging), 8 litres (6 months) or 16 litres (9 months), 32 litres (12 months) barrel. During the aging process, the fun part will undoubtedly be the tasting sessions with the craftmaster. Tasting is believing, so decide if the spirit is ready or needs a bit more time. The proudest moment will perhaps be the bottling and labelling stage, where the name and the design of the label can be customised, before all the bottles are delivered to the final location. An empty cask does not spell the end of your distiller dreams – refill the barrel and explore other permutations of aging.

Says Simon Zhao, “Chartered by Compendium Spirits is not a one-time effort, but a journey of understanding the beauty of crafting spirits with our customers.”

Prices for Chartered by Compendium Spirits are $1,188 - $2,088 (4 litres cask, 13 bottles), $2,088 - $2,688 (8 litres cask, 26 bottles), $3,788 - $4,988 (16 litres cask, 52 bottles) and $6,788 - $8,888 (32 litre cask, 103 bottles).

The first ten customers of the Chartered by Compendium Spirits programme will also enjoy a complimentary cocktail experience for two pax at private home bar, Section D, where mixologist Dannon Har will create a bespoke cocktail using the final customised spirit.

Distillery tours are also available by appointment only, priced at an introductory rate of $68 nett per pax (minimum 2 pax, introductory rate ends in 30 April 2022) and this amount will be rebated should visitors sign up for the Chartered by Compendium Spirits programme at the end of the tour. The tour includes a tour of the distillery and a sampling of 4 Compendium Spirits products.

Contact: Compendium Spirits, compendium@rachelletherabbit.com, 8451 5389 (whatsapp), 5 Mandai Link, #03-04, Mandai Foodlink, S728654.

8 Feb 2022 – Travel around the world at the DAO of CRAFT Beer Pop Up on 20 Feb 2022, Sunday. A ground up initiative fuelled by the passion to preserve craftmanship, the first experience by the DAO of CRAFT community spotlights the craft of making beer.

During this full day of fun and educational activities, discover over 50 types of beers at promotional prices available just for the day, explore curated beer themed workshops or get together with your friends for a beer and grub feast.

Go on a Brewlicious Adventure

Prepare for take-off as you enter At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. The sprawling 42,000 sq ft campus ground offers the perfect set-up for a trip around the world with only one thing on your agenda: to discover and experience beers from around the world.

Pick up your tote bag at the ticket counter which is stocked with goodies including a beer glass and vouchers from Curious Creatures, an artisanal and sustainable jewellery brand, and more.

Start your journey on a high with the Sans Papiers beer from indie brewery Birra Flea. Making its debut at the DAO OF CRAFT Beer Pop Up, the beer's most important ingredient - water - is sourced from the very air that surrounds the brewery in the Apennine Mountains in the Umbria region of Italy. It is the only company in the world to use a patented technology that condenses humidity from its atmosphere to make a beer.

Next, head north-west to Belgium where you will find the award-winning Bavik Super Pils, winner of the gold medal at the World Beer Challenge and World Beer Awards Belgium 2021. According to the brewers, the unique taste and aroma is the result of four elements which will be divulged to the brew-curious and beer lovers alike at the pop-up.

Head east towards Russia to experience the Old Rasputin Old Imperial Stout - a cult beer brewed in the tradition of 18th Century English brewers, enjoyed by the court of Russia’s Catherine the Great. The beer has gained firm cult following today for its rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.

Head back West with Wet Goods, a craft beer retailer known for their curated collections of craft beers. At the pop up, you’ll get a rare chance to pick up beers from Norway and Sweden by breweries such as Amundsen, Brekeriet and Lervig. Chug down a pint from Amundsen and know why Vikings love their beers.

Touch down back in Singapore and take a seat at The 1925 Brewing Co., a proudly Singaporean brewery, to try their signatures such as Liang Teh Beer, Tiramisu Stout and Yuzu Beer. The Liang Teh, a crisp lager, accentuated by the lightness of white chrysanthemums is easy on the palate and good for whole day drinking. Try pairing with deep fried, spicy and seafood for the perfect combination.

Last and arguably the most important stop for beer lovers is iBrew, Singapore's premier beer brewing ingredients and equipment supplier. Get your home brewing kit and be your own brewmaster! Don’t forget to chat up ibrew’s brewmasters for tips and tricks on brewing and bottling at home.

Meet the Craft Beer Tastemakers

The pop-up also brings together the craft beer community and offers a one-of-kind opportunity to meet, strike up a conversation and have a toast with the tastemakers.

Leading figures behind the craft beer industry - such as Colin Tay from TSA, one of Singapore’s pioneer importers of craft beers, Yeo Eng Kuang brewmaster and founder of 1925 microbrewery and Raymond Lee from iBrew, who has been leading the home brewing scene since 2004, will be present at the pop-up.

Come and have a chat with them on their journey and get tips from some of the greatest minds in the craft beer industry.

Learn a Craft

For those who want to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, the DAO of Craft Beer Pop-Up features four craft workshops.

Taste through 10 Birra Flea craft beers, including the San Papiers, which is made from Umbria’s pure mountain air, including selections not available in Singapore, in this exclusive one hour workshop.

Orh Gao Taproom’s interactive [one-hour] workshop promises to awaken your senses as your sniff, smell, taste the ingredients that go into making a craft brew.

Daniel is a F&B educator, wine consultant and former sommelier. Passionate about cheeses, Daniel’s [one-hour] workshop guides you through the art of cheese pairing.

Pizza and beer are inseparable. Learn how to make a pizza together with your child or drop your kids off at the workshop while perusing the craft beer market. Kids will go through a guided hands-on workshop by an At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy chef to make pizza from scratch.

Yeo Eng Kuang, brewmaster and founder of The 1925 Brewing Co, will take you on a journey through their modern Asian-styled beers, inspired by flavours of Chinese culture and more.

Indulge in Craft Beer Culture

  • All-Day Beer Grub

Where there is beer, there is grub. Orh Gao Taproom will be serving up their delicious grub all-day, including their irresistible crackling siew yoke (roast pork) and other signature plates.

  • Drinking Games

Lose a bet? Drink a beer. Win a game, drink a beer! Games are very much part of beer culture. At the event, customers who are game get to nab limited tokens (non-fungible tokens) and gain access to experiences which will be revealed on the day itself.

  • Perfectly Paired

Pairing craft beer with menu items gained popularity in the recent years and is now very much part of the culture. Enjoy 6 specially curated craft beer pairings from international and local indie breweries, together with a selection of meats, seafoods and a selection of cheeses for the best beer pairing experience!

  • Vintage Cars Galore

Kombi Rocks, Singapore’s premium vintage vehicles provider with the largest fleet of cars & bikes, will be exhibiting vintage vehicles they have rescued and lovingly restored by hand. It’ll be a visual feast!


Download photos here: https://bit.ly/DAOcraftbeerphotos


For media enquiries, contact:

Jenny Tan FoodCult Pte Ltd


+65 9836 7653

Fact Sheet Date: 20 Feb 2022, Sunday

Time: 10am – 10pm


At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

28 Tai Seng Street

Singapore, 534106

Tickets: http://bit.ly/DAOcraftbeer

Ticket Price: From $25 onwards

*All tickets include:

  • Goodie pack worth over $50 with DAO collectible beer glass, GinChup & GinMayo (sauces made out of gin) and a bottle of beer

  • 10% off Curious Creatures (www.curiouscreatures.cc) artisanal jewelry voucher

  • $20 At-Sunrice Gourmet2Go vouchers (for purchases at the Pastry Shop and on https://takeout.at-sunrice.edu.sg/ )

  • Craft Beer Marketplace

Unlock access to a superb network of craft brewers from around the world. Journey and taste through their craft beers – each an expression, each an experience.

Comes with FREE bottle / can of craft beer and merch and vouchers worth over $50.

Time: 10am - 12pm | 12 - 2pm | 2- 4pm | 4 - 6pm | 6 - 8pm | 8 - 10pm

Ticket price: $25

  • Tribe Experience

This 2-hour Tribe experience for includes at least 3 beers per tribe member, reserved tables and merch and vouchers worth over $50 per member.

Time: 10am - 12pm | 12 - 2pm | 2- 4pm | 4 - 6pm | 6 - 8pm | 8 - 10pm

*sessions are arranged in 2 hour slots to prevent overcrowding

Package price: 2 pax ($115), 5 pax ($275), 10 pax ($500), additional pax ($60)

  • Workshops

Form blind beer tastings, cheese pairings, a Scandinavian beer experience or beers inspired by Chinese culture. Check out the line up at http://bit.ly/DAOcraftbeer

Ticket Price: $35 onwards

  • Beer & Dinner Commune by Orh Gao Taproom

At the DAO Beer & Dinner Commune, it’s our safe space where we gather with our kindred spirits, bros, family over the elixirs that make bonds stronger - beer and food.

Enter into our beer-verse of beer and food pairings (ie: feasting). Up to 5 pax per group. Very limited seats.

Your experience includes 6 specially curated craft beer pairings from international and local indie breweries matched with a selection of meats, seafoods and cheeses, and merch and vouchers worth over $50.

Time: 7 - 9pm

Ticket Price: $125 per pax, $215 for 2 pax and $500 for 5 pax

  • Children’s Pizza Workshop

The perfect reason to bring your kids along while you learn more about craft beer - a children’s pizza workshop!

Indulge your little ones with a hands-on educational experience guided by our At-Sunrice chef.

Time 12pm - 3pm

Price $80 per 1-pax|$145 per 2-pax

List of Participating Vendors:



Wet Goods


The 1925 Brewing Co.






Orh Gao Taproom


Curious Creatures


Kombi Rocks


GinChup & GinMayo


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  • Jenny FoodCult

And will be pulling out all the stops for its anniversary Sunday brunch on 14 April 2019.

In celebration of the local culinary scene, Chef Manjunath Mural has specially invited young local guest chefs to helm live stations and whip up a culinary storm.

The Song of India will also be putting its best foot forward with a buffet spread of its signature items.

Find out what else the brunch fiesta is offering!


Chefs include Wayne Liew from Michelin Plated KEK Seafood, William Liou from Mr Lorbak and House of Happiness and Phoebe Lim, an 11-year old aspiring chef.

21 March 2019– The Song of India’s annual brunch returns on 14 April 2019 (Sunday), commemorating the restaurant’s 14-year journey and achievements. This includes its third consecutive Michelin star win in 2018 as the only classic Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia.

As the restaurant’s way of celebrating the local culinary scene, Chef Manjunath Mural has specially invited 3 local chefs to cook with him. Each chef will helm a live station to present their featured dish, alongside a lavish buffet spread of more than 30 dishes prepared by The Song of India.

Diners can look forward to the gastronomic creations of: Chef Wayne Liew of Keng Eng Kee Seafood, a Michelin Plate restaurant; Chef William Liou from Mr Lorbak and mod-Sin claypot eatery, House of Happiness. They will be joined by Phoebe Lim, who first made headlines in 2017 when she raised funds for a cancer-stricken hawker by selling her homemade chili paste.

With an affordable price tag of $68++ per pax, guests will be treated to a buffet line-up that includes signature mains and desserts from India’s multicultural region. Some of the must-trys include Bengal Prawn Curry with its creamy coconut broth; a tangy and spicy Kadai Chicken Kormato complement the aromatic Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. To quench their thirst, they can choose to top-up an additional $28++ to enjoy ice-cold beer and wine.

In the spirit of celebration, there will also be live performances by belly dancers and a saxophonist to keep the guests entertained.


Chef Manjunath Mural

Lamb Kheema and Mysore Style Chicken

Vegan diners can now rejoice with The Song of India’s vegan options. Using plant-based proteins of lamb and chicken, Chef Mural has created two dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

The Lamb Kheema is inspired by the original Hyderabadi recipe of stir-fried ground minced lamb on a bed of fluffy corn and lentil flatbreads, that is then rolled and topped with a refreshing mint and yogurt sauce.

Chef Mural highlights a speciality of India’s southwestern state with his rendition of Mysore Style Chicken. Using shredded chicken, Chef Mural concocts an aromatic, tangy curry chicken that is enjoyed alongside crispy, spiced rice cakes and topped with a creamy dairy-free cheese.

Both dishes will be making their debut at the Sunday brunch fiesta and thereafter will be included in the a la carte menu as the restaurant introduces a variety of vegan options.

Chef Wayne Liew

Head Chef, KEK Seafood

Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin

As the third-generation chef managing the restaurant, Chef Wayne Liew has been involved in the family business for more than 10 years, serving up their popular brand of cze char favourites. As Head Chef, he led Keng Eng Kee Seafood to achieve their first Michelin Plate in 2018.

Chef Wayne will be serving a dish close to the hearts of many Singaporeans. Using salted egg yolk, curry leaves and a variety of spices, he will be whipping up fresh and piping hot Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skinduring the Sunday brunch.

Chef William Liou

Chef-Partner, Mr Lorbak and House of Happiness

Slow Poached Salmon Teriyaki with Furikake

Combining his dream of running his own hawker business along with his passion for preserving Singapore’s hawker trade, Chef William Liou is the chef-partner of Mr Lorbak and House of Happiness. Using his family’s recipes and the innovative cooking techniques he picked up whilst in the fine-dining trade, he presents well-loved renditions of stewed pork belly at Mr Lorbak and traditional and modern versions of claypot rice at House of Happiness.

For the celebration brunch, Chef William has created an extremely tender and flaky Slow Poached Salmon Teriyaki with Furikake.

Phoebe Lim

Curry Mohlyu

No stranger to the kitchen, Phoebe Lim has been actively pursuing her culinary passion since she started cooking as a five-year-old and has been mentored by several established chefs. She is currently working on publishing her very own cookbook and has plans to be a chef and run her own café when she is older.

Guests will have the opportunity to savour her Curry Mohlyu, a dish of Portuguese and Asian influences with fishballs and eggplant that is mildly spicy, with slight acidity and a refreshing hint of lemongrass.

Says Chef Mural, “We’re very fortunate to be celebrating our 14thbirthday and the achievements we’ve attained over the years, and I’m very much looking forward to cooking alongside this group of very talented young chefs.”

For reservations, please call 6836 0055

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